MakeProAudio becomes MakePro X

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Cologne, October 24, 2020

Learning…. We never stop! Initially – when we designed MakeHaus and the MakePro System – we were convinced that our core market should be in Pro Audio. Boy were we wrong. Soon, Makers from all walks of life approached us with their very own ideas of what to do with our module system.

Fader packs for a light installation? Of course you can have that. A controller for streaming from the Raspberry Pi? Sure, why not! A fancy control panel for your Sauna? You got it!

MakeHaus was the first consequence from our learning. A wide open system, allowing every Maker to do whatever is on his agenda.

Today we announce that our brand and company name MakeProAudio will change to MakePro X, with Audio now being listed as one of multiple application domain for our MakePro System.

As MakePro X we put YOU even more in the center of our efforts. The X in our name stands for whatever YOUR application is! We will continue to be amazed by the creativity of our customers and look forward to serving you better under the MakePro X brand!